Education Partners

About us



Seeing a gap in the marketplace, we sought out to simplify complex operations for higher education. Knowing that institutions are plagued with paper, antiquated systems, difficult workflows, rising costs, compliance adherence and changing education models—we knew we had to make a difference in helping schools and students get enrolled, financed and employed.

The inspiration to create a leading edge technology solution came from the realization that there were no other options available in the marketplace, especially in the areas of enrollment and student finance. Thus, Education Partners was born and the mission to simplify the complex began.


We are a technology company with deep financial aid domain expertise. Our team includes the brightest minds in technology and hails from higher education. We are on a mission to provide a simple, yet revolutionary platform that eases stressed higher education institutions and gives students a stellar experience.


It’s simple! Number one. Our people. They’re smart, fun and are committed to revolutionizing financial aid! Number two. Our Products. They’re innovative and provide Higher Education institutions with a new way to simplify their enrollment, financial aid and verification processes. Number three. Our People + Our Products. We are committed to your success. From our engineering and development teams who are dedicated to developing products that change the way you think about financial aid to our client success team members who are in the trenches with you daily to make sure you are successful, that’s what our business is built on. It’s what we’re passionate about.

“From the very beginning, we were pleased with your customer service. I’ve enjoyed working with the whole team, including sales, client success and the technical team!”
– Candice Draper, FA Director, Howard College