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Social Media Tips for Financial Aid Offices

A Financial Aid Office’s Guide To Social Media

In financial aid one of the key challenges is effective communication with students. As technology changes, financial aid offices need to keep up to date on the most relevant ways to meet students where they are.

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FAFSA Social Media examples

Prepared for Early FAFSA???

With Early FAFSA, PPY and C Code 399 right around the corner, are you prepared? We’ve gathered best practices and information we think will help get you quickly up to speed and ready for the transition!

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Education Partners announces Fall 2016 financial aid and verification product release

Increased Control, Flexibility, Configurability with Education Partners Newest Release

Education Partners, the leading software provider simplifying enrollment and financial aid for higher education institutions announces the Fall 2016 Release, focused on increasing the efficiency, power and configurability of their Enrollment, Financial Aid and Verification suite of products.

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Infographic representing survey results on financial aid and verification problems

The Top 3 Reasons Why Financial Aid Directors Can’t Sleep

We surveyed financial aid directors to see what within their role keeps them up at night. We received quite the response! Our FA Directors have to juggle so much to keep things running smoothly. Below are what they told us are the top 3 reasons they lose sleep at night.

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Friday Funnines about Financial Aid

Friday Funnies for our Financial Aid Rockstars!

We know how hard you work so here’s a little something to help you start your day off with a smile! A few handpicked funnies to get you through the day and off to enjoy the weekend!

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6.5 questions that mean your financial aid verification may be broken

6 and 1/2 Questions that Mean Your Verification Process is Broken

If you answer yes to one or more of the 6.5 questions below, it could be a sign that your verification process is in need of repair.

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What Twitter Has to Say About Verification

What Twitter Has to Say About Verification

Every wonder what your students are thinking as the line up through the door of your office? We did research and pulled a random selection of quotes from Twitter. Unsurprisingly nearly all of them were negative.

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