Education Partners


Enrollment Software

Education Partners enables higher education institutions to maximize the impact of the student enrollment process with intuitive, web-based tools. Our auto enrollment application effortlessly integrates with the institutional student information systems, streamlining the process.

Removes Complexity and Variability

Inconsistent, manual, and complex processes not only slow down the enrollment process, but often bring it to a complete stop. Students want, and need, simple solutions to reduce the stress of enrollment. Our solution:

  • Reduces variation with process standardization across departments
  • Eliminates redundancies by offering complete process visibility
  • Minimizes student frustration by providing consistent processes

Provides Scale and Speed

Increased enrollment and growth are the goals of every college and university. Of course, with growth comes the pain of scalability which is where simplicity and automation come in. Our simple software solution can help by:

  • Automating document collection, review, and processing
  • Utilizing intuitive self-service applications, dynamic forms, and workflows
  • Forecasting using real-time dashboard reporting functionality

Improves the Student Experience

Students are why we are here. Their experience is a very important component of a successful institution. Reducing barriers to entry is the starting point to building the best possible student experience. Our auto-enrollment application achieves this with:

  • Online, mobile friendly student self-service portals, accessible 24/7
  • Step-by-step tutorials, electronic signatures, and dynamic forms
  • Flexible Net Price Calculator tool that exceeds ED requirements

“I would highly recommend the Education Partners product. I have done several implementations over my 25+ year career in higher education, and the EP solution was by far the easiest.”
– Ena H., VP, 2 Year School, Online/Onground, 5,000 students