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Financial Aid

Auto Financial Aid

Education Partners auto-financial aid application actively manages all aspects of document collection, packaging, disbursing, and returning of funds. We have revolutionized the financial aid process through our SaaS-based platform designed not only to help you identify risk factors, but mitigate these elements via an automated process that takes many of the risk factors out of the equation altogether. Our advanced application is configurable, flexible, and scalable to address the complex business needs of your financial aid office.

What it does:

Minimizes Compliance Risk

We recognize the financial aid process is the most highly regulated process in the administration of higher education, with increased scrutiny around verification and the return of Title IV funds. Our auto-financial aid application simplifies these processes with automation ensuring compliance and mitigating risk with:

  • Automated verification featuring our ISIR Comparison Tool
  • Online student portals, dynamic forms, e-signatures, built-in workflows
  • Automated timely and accurate R2T4 and PWD calculations
  • Automated data share with school SIS and COD

Improves Cash Flow

Simplify with streamlined processes and reduced cycle times to speed up the receipt of funds. Our auto-financial aid application serves as an extension of a schools ERP, SIS, and CRM technology, and provides the necessary business layer needed to improve processes and collect cash using our:

  • Automated Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG) Mailbox Manager
  • Automated origination, disbursement, and management of TIV funds
  • Automated document review and ISIR comparison tool

Provides Visibility and Accountability

Gain the control you need to effectively manage your financial aid department using our unparalleled reporting capabilities which allow schools to follow student progress and financial aid administrator performance throughout the process with:

  • Reporting that allows for dynamic visibility of student progress, financial aid associate performance, award disbursements, and monthly reconciliations
  • Real-time management dashboard reporting to monitor administrative process ownership and timeliness