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Professional Judgments

Professional Judgments
Save Time with Student Initiated Professional Judgments

Educations Partner’s mission is to help schools run their business more efficiently and most importantly help them to better serve their students. We’ve created a Professional Judgment solution that helps Financial Aid Administrators simplify the process on their end and provide their students with a convenient way to request a Professional Judgment.

  • Easy, convenient online submission process for students
  • Realtime, seamless integration into your workflow
  • Electronic document submission and signatures
  • Second level approvals and standardized smart forms to help ensure compliance

Student Initiated Professional Judgments

Students access online request on any device via their student portal -> Student completes the smart form and requested information and submits online to the FA office -> Staff portal is updated in real time with the PJ request -> Staff can review the request and communicate with student through the platform -> FA team can review and approve or reject the request



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