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Simplify the entire process for students and staff

Reduce Processing Time

Communicate Effectively with Students

Eliminate Compliance Worries

Quickly Locate and View Documents

The financial aid verification process is a tough and emotional experience for students. When your students are upset it causes stress and frustrations for your office. That’s where we can help! With Education Partners’ in-house verification automation software, you can simplify the entire process for both students and staff.


It’s a cloud- based software so it’s easily accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile device.


It runs on a rules-based engine to help automate the process while keeping you in compliance.


It stores and digitizes all documents and integrates the digital files directly into your workflows.


It’s all in one platform, so you don’t have to jump around from system to system.


It’s quick to implement and easy for staff and students to use.

Why Choose EP’s Verification Automation Software?

  • Decrease paper with document creation, management and storage
  • Reduce time and ease stress with automated workflows
  • Keep students on track with automatic notifications and real time status bar updates
  • Keep staff on track with workflow management dashboards and reports
  • Eliminate compliance issues with automatic regulatory updates and federal regulatory rules based engine

There’s so much more our Verification Platform can do to help you simplify verification!

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Provide a positive experience for your students:

  • Online verification portal accessible from any device
  • Automatic email or text communications based on status
  • Progress bar to track stages of process completion
  • Smart forms/wizards to simplify and guide document completion
  • Upload documentation from any device
  • Electronic signatures for students and parents

Reduce burdens and stress on staff:

  • File review for verification, comment codes, and professional judgments
  • Automated workflow with optional second level approvals
  • Compliance-driven rules engine
  • Automated document management
  • Quickly find and view uploaded documents. Say goodbye to clunky doc management systems
  • Built-in ISIR comparison tool to view and correct ISIR data. Unlimited ISIRs can be imported into the system.
  • Automated submission of ISIR correction files
  • Dashboards and filters to efficiently locate students in specific statuses

The Verification Platform is accessible from any campus on any device and includes:

  • Customized Staff and Student Portals
  • Automatic ISIR Triggered Verification Workflow
  • Online Student Initiated Professional Judgments
  • Comment Code Notifications
  • Document Storage and Management System
  • Dynamic Form Builder
  • Online ISIR Comparison Tool
  • 30 Day Implementation
  • 24/7 Online Accessible Support

Ready to learn more?

There’s so much more it can do to help simplify verification! Request a demo today to see the platform in action.