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professional services

Education Partners offers a broad range of comprehensive professional services to accelerate time to value and help organizations implement a more proactive and sustainable approach to using the EP Platform. The Education Partners Professional Services Team is comprised of highly experienced project managers, solution consultants and training gurus. Every services engagement follows our proven 3-step methodology which incorporates best practices to ensure quick adoption and long-term success.

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Integration
  • Advisory

Implementation Services

Education Partners focuses on understanding our client’s unique needs in order to establish and implement an integrated solution that drives best practices and valuable efficiencies. As a SaaS-deployable product, low disruption and speed are common advantages in terms of implementation.

EP’s professional services team ensures that your implementation of the EP Portal is delivered on time and within budget, and that users are fully trained to hit the ground running using the new system. Our proven, 3-step, implementation methodology incorporates best practices to ensure adoption and long-term success.


Comprehensive Training is focused on individual customer needs. Training included in the implementation includes a Fundamentals training overview of the product functionality which includes a post session recording. In addition, we provide Administrator Level and End User trainings.

Integration Services

Once your EP portal is implemented, EP professional services can help you integrate EP into your other third party software, ensuring your financial aid, ISIR verification, and enrollment workflows are seamless.

Advisory Services

For all of your needs that extend beyond implementation, our experienced subject matter experts will conduct onsite reviews to optimize financial aid, ISIR verification, and enrollment processes, operations, as well as compliance reviews.

All of our professional services can be provided independent of, in advance of, or post “go live”—depending on client preference and need. Education Partners professional services engagements are designed to increase the effectiveness of operations by providing access to change management, implementing industry standard benchmarks, along with recommendations for process improvements and best practices.

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