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“Software solutions that simplify the student enrollment, financial aid and verification processes for the higher education market”

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Empowering the Enrollment and Financial Aid Revolution

We are leading the charge to help higher education institutions simplify the enrollment and financial aid process. Using a cloud-based platform, our easy to use enrollment, financial aid and verification tools help you automate the processes, giving you more time to focus on students.

Education Partners has helped over 750,000 students and processed over $3 Billion dollars in Financial Aid.

Here’s How We Can Help:

  • Significant reduction in enrollment and financial aid compliance risk
  • Improved cash flow, shorter and faster student process cycles
  • Standardization and automation of difficult workflows
  • Immediate and sustained reductions in operational costs
  • Consistency in student experience
  • Electronic document management and customized dynamic forms

We Deliver Real Results

Risks Results
Compliance Fines for Errors Compliance Ensured
Excessive A/R Improved Cash Flow
Stretched Customer Service Student Self Service
Variance in Student Experience Standardization and Consistency
Antiquated Workflows Better Practices and Workflows
Paper Based Electronic Doc Management
Lack of Efficiencies in Process Rules-based and Automated
Limited Visibility and Reports Real Time Student Dashboards
Complex Processes Simple and Faster


SaaS is a scalable technology solution that is known for quick implementation times, frequent technology updates throughout the year, easy integrations into existing systems—all at a lower fixed cost that custom software.

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Our Solutions in Action

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Setting a New Standard in Student Relationship Management

We’re on a mission to deliver SaaS-based technology that engineers a new and broader relationship between students, schools, and employers.